For your Business

Manage Your Trucks and Employees in Real Time From Your Smartphone

View the location and status of a single vehicle or your entire fleet on a single screen. Receive real-time alerts for important driving events such as journeys outside of expected hours, arrival at a specific location or entering/leaving a specific geographical area.

Save Time & Money

Monitor routes taken by drivers in order to optimize the efficient use of your fleet. Minimize vehicle downtime by navigating your fleet from the comfort of your own office.

Optimize Vehicle & Driver Performance

oto monitors driving behavior such as: Driving over the speed limit Harsh braking Harsh acceleration Cornering Incentivize your driver to drive safely and monitor their progress. Our driver scoring provides a means of measuring and comparing driver performance.

Improve Customer Service

Always know where your drivers are and better manage their routes according to traffic. Better estimate arrival and delivery times with destination arrival and departure alerts to more accurately set customer expectations.

We know Telematics. Wireless is our passion.

Connect your car to oto service. make it smarter and safer.

Return On Investment

If you start to look at the ROI oto can bring to your business, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner.

Safe Driving Can Achieve Between 14 and 37% Fuel Savings

Aggressive driving behavior, including speeding as well as harsh acceleration and braking, can reduce fuel mileage by up to 33%. Whereas restrained driving behavior can result in up to 37% fuel savings.

Vehicle Downtime Costs More Than You May Realize

Some researchers estimate vehicle downtime is almost 8 times what a fleet manager or owner expects, including loss in productivity estimated at between $400-$700.

The True Cost of Speeding

Vehicle accidents cost employers in the U.S. almost $48 billion annually and more than 1.5 million work days. This doesn’t take into account the most important cost of all: LIFE. 30% of all traffic fatalities are a direct result of speeding.

Source: Automotive Fleet Magazine – Steps to Achieve Fleet Safety Success Webinar; October 27, 2016

Do You Know Where Your Drivers Are?

Arm your fleet operation with oto trip and driver data, reliable driver scoring, and constant location awereness in order to improve your driver, vehicle and business performance.